Samaritan Medical Outreaches

mdical-1During the last decade Cameroon, like many other African states, continues to undergo crises: political, social, and economic. The purchasing power of its currency has dropped so low that a vast majority of the people cannot afford minimal medical care. Consequently, morbidity and mortality rates, joblessness, juvenile delinquency, corruption and other social ills have become common.

  • medical3Many Cameroonians and families are unable to afford medical treatments because it is expensive. Therefore, many are dying from simple curable diseases. Others turn to sorcerers and witch doctors.
  • Many fake incompetent medical services have developed, providing misleading diagnoses and treatment This drains people of finances without effective services.

Corruption, embezzlement and bribery are the order of the day, even in medical centers. The very poor face tremendous difficmedical2ulty in getting good medical services.

Many Cameroonians who have undergone health care training do not have jobs because they refuse to offer bribes to secure one, or because there are no employment opportunities.

Our desire for the Samaritan Medical Outreach Program is that it will effectively meet the numerous health needs of communities at affordable costs.

This program will not only provide jobs for trained, jobless people but will create an opportunity for them to meet the dire medical needs of patients. Also, in providing both efficient and affordable medical care, it will help reduce degrading health conditions.