How We Work

  • mission2We are committed to searching out the needs and challenges in the communities we work in, then seeking to address them.
  • We seek to serve as a catalyst to make things happen.
  • We work with governments as well as NGOs and churches.
  • We partner with other indigenous organizations to help make their vision a reality.
  • We convene gatherings of people from different walks of life to work on particular issues.
  • We continually search out needs in the communities we serve to explore ways we can help meet them.
  • We provide expertise and experience in the local community.
  • We seek to complement – not to compete or duplicate.

Our work is aimed at:

  • Facilitating and strategizing for maximum impact within the community.
  • Funding the indigenous efforts as our means permit through CADAC.

Strategic Objectives:

CADAC’s strategic objectives are designed to provide solutions that result in individual and community enhancement:

  • Enhance holistic health and quality of life of children, youth and families.
  • Provide employment and entrepreneurship opportunities with emphasis on empowerment through micro-finance.
  • Mobilize and leverage resources from internal and external sources; including individuals, private foundations and development donors.
  • Build and strengthen leadership capacities for sustainable development.
  • Build youth knowledge and skills training in information technology.
  • Empower people in communities we serve with skills for self-sufficiency.

What we do:

  • Small business initiatives (micro-finance)
  • Unreached People Groups
  • Medical Outreach
  • Agricultural for sustainable development
  • Educational support to less privileged Students (through various forms of sponsorship)
  • Youth Development & Leadership Formation
  • Assistance to inmates
  • Short-term missions
  • CADAC (Community Awareness & Development association Cameroon)
  • Running of orphanages and support to vulnerable children
  • After School Programs