HIV/AIDs Awareness Education

In his speech to commemorate ‘World AIDS Day’ in Cameroon in 2001, former US Ambassador to Cameroon, George Staples said,

The accelerating spread of the HIV virus worldwide threatens millions of people on all continents. Forty-two million people are already infected… Without concerted action, an additional 45 million will be infected by 2010…“ HIV/AIDS, he said, “…is not just a compelling humanitarian issue. It tears social fabrics and robs young democracies of the citizens they need to build freer, better futures. It deprives nations of the human resources they need to develop, sapping global growth. Unchecked, HIV/AIDS can threaten whole countries and destabilize entire regions…

HIV-AIDSAIDS is devastating most African countries. Experts say there are 141 new HIV infections per day in Cameroon, which means 6 newly infected persons each hour, every day. (Social Development Int.)

We are convinced that the only way the HIV/AIDS problem can be cured is by educating the general population on this insidious disease. CADAC provides literature and organizes talks in schools, army camps, etc., across the country.

In January 2004, with the help of two of Bread For Life’s board members (Dr. Downey , FL and Dr. Kathleen Holland), we developed our first Power Point presentation on this issue. This has opened many doors for the ministry in schools and communities. Using a multi-faceted approach, CADAC is confronting the myriad of social problems associated with the AIDS pandemic.

Our challenges in fighting AIDS/HIV:

  • Lack of full time workers to: help develop materials and provide training, visit schools and address the media and the community, as well as recruit and train volunteers.
  • Insufficient relevant materials dealing with AIDS/HIV and Abstinence Education
  • Insufficient funding to meet needs in this area.
  • Lack of funds to assist children orphaned by AIDS.
  • The need for a 4X4 vehicles for use in going to rural areas to transport staff and materials.
  • Lack of an LCD Projector for presentations