Health & Wellness

healthWe are committed to strengthening and improving the quality of health of families and communities through our health awareness campaigns on general hygiene and sanitation. CADAC has also participated in the construction of a health center in Mbang in the Eastern Region of Cameroon.

Since its creation in 2005, with the support of our partners from the United States and Bread For Life International, CADAC has been able to bring together a great team of doctors, nurses, pharmacists, surgeons and other volunteers from the United States of America and within the country for a week long medical camp – providing free consultation and medication to over 10,000 Cameroonians in several communities.

CADAC is looking forward to an expansion in its health programs. We are looking into partnerships with communities, schools and other institutions to start clean water projects, provision of sanitary pads to teenage girls and the construction of toilets in selected communities.