Our Democracy Incubator Program

democracy1Democracy Incubator is a program of CADAC aimed at seeding democracy in the hearts and minds of young people in Cameroon through their schools and associations.

Through the Democracy Incubator Project, CADAC seeks to partner with [and complement the efforts of] government structures and civil society organizations to enable youths to grasp the basic tenets of democracy like: good governance, transparent elections and the rule of law.

The project also seeks to curb voter’s apathy and challenge young people toward fulfilling their civic responsibilities.

The project runs a capacity building program on the practice of democracy to train and equip young people who will coordinate and oversee the implementation of the project.


Central Region | Southwest Region | Littoral Region | Northwest Region

View a PDF of the initial launching of this program
View a PDF of launching of the the SW, NW and Littoral Regions